9 resources that will make you an embroidery expert

Are you interested in starting an embroidery business or already own a machine and want to learn how to grow your business or perfect your craft?

We’ve always believed that the best crafters and smartest business owners all had one thing in common: the willingness to invest in their education.

Because even if you’re already an “expert,” new tools, tips and technology are always emerging on a daily basis and the only way to stay an expert is to simply continue learning from others and practicing on your machine.

But in case you’re not sure where to start, we’ve created a mega-guide of resources, guides and videos that we’ve created throughout the years to teach and educate business owners and hobbyists everything they need to know to become an expert in their field.

Here are just some of the resources from Ricoma that you can dive into right now:

  1. Embroidery Hub
  2. Apparel Academy
  3. Ricoma webinars
  4. Ricoma Facebook live
  5. Downloadable resources
  6. Facebook groups
  7. Explore our blog
  8. Chroma trainings
  9. DecoSummit

1. Embroidery Hub

The first step to becoming an embroidery expert is by mastering your craft. Whether you’re a beginner, have never touched a machine before or just want to learn new skills and techniques to perfect your craft, Embroidery Hub has you covered.

From cap embroidery to in-the-hoop embroidery and even embroidery on toilet paper (yes, you heard that right), our Embroidery Hub series is a place you can turn to for inspiration on all of your projects to learn and accomplish even the most complicated embroidery tasks!

If you’ve never seen our videos, we recommend starting with the “The Ultimate Machine Embroidery Guide for Beginners” episode for a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about embroidery as you get started, from the materials to the tools you’ll be working with and more.

Click here to watch

Then click here to catch up on over 100 episodes of Embroidery Hub on our YouTube playlist!

And if you just want to get to the good stuff, check out 5 of our most popular episodes below:

  1. 3D Embroidery | How to do puff embroidery on hats tutorial
  2. Embroidering Beanies | How to embroider on knitwear tutorial
  3. DIY Patches | Bulk patch embroidery tutorial
  4. How to remove oil stains from clothes
  5. 8-in-1 Hoop | Fast frames embroidery tutorial

2. Apparel Academy Podcast

Are you already a skilled crafter, but could use more business training or marketing tips to help you run your business to its full potential? 

If spreadsheets, pricing and email marketing aren’t in your wheelhouse, you’re in luck, because each week Ricoma CEO, Henry Ma, sits down to discuss different topics related to the business side of custom apparel from how to find clients to marketing your business and increasing your revenue and so much more.

Click here to get caught up on the first 50 episodes of our Apparel Academy Playlist on YouTube!

And if bingeing all 50 episodes at once isn’t reasonable at the moment, then check out our 3 most popular episodes here:

1. What embroiderers wish they knew before starting their business

Henry discusses three key points of advice that you can use to avoid pitfalls when starting your journey in embroidery. 

Click here to watch

2. 5 reasons why you should start an embroidery business

Henry discusses 5 reasons why crafters and entrepreneurs alike are starting their own embroidery businesses. From the large demand, infinite resources available online and unmatched industry support, starting your own embroidery business definitely has its perks.

Click here to watch

3. The ultimate 7 step guide to starting an embroidery business

Are you ready to start your business, but don’t know the first thing to get started? Henry breaks down the 7 steps in this episode.

Click here to watch

3. Ricoma webinars

If over 50 episodes of Apparel Academy aren’t enough, then we’ve created a few FREE one-hour comprehensive webinars led by Henry Ma that go even deeper into topics like pricing for profitability and strategies to make $2,000 a week – even if you’re just getting started.

These in-depth courses will help set you up for success no matter your business or marketing experience.

Click here to watch “The #1 Factor in Determining Profitability” webinar and receive a bonus embroidery checklist covering all aspects of an embroidery order!

Click here to watch “3 Proven Techniques To Make Over $2,000 a Week in Your Embroidery Business” and receive a bonus cheat sheet featuring top embroidery niches with examples of how to implement the 3 proven techniques in each!

4. Ricoma Facebook Live

If pre-recorded, binge-worthy video content wasn’t enough, Henry takes time out of his busy schedule to sit down once a month with our social media followers to answer questions they have about the business, the craft and our machines, live right on our Facebook page.

Want updates for our next Facebook Live event? Click here to subscribe to our newsletter for reminders and even more embroidery-related content sent to your inbox weekly.

In just one hour, you’ll have the opportunity to not only ask any pressing questions or general questions about our machines, you’ll also qualify to win prizes that we offer during each live. Did you know that in our April live Q+A, we gave away an All-in-One Hooper worth $755?!

The best part? You can watch the recordings of all our past lives on our Facebook page right here and learn from questions asked by your colleagues in past sessions.

5. Downloadable Resources

Our priority at Ricoma has always been making sure our customers have access to FREE information that helps them succeed. This is why we’ve taken the time to create valuable guides, charts and educational documents that we encourage aspiring and expanding business owners to download to utilize to their full potential.

Let’s begin with our most popular resource: The Ultimate Embroidery Cheat Sheet.

One of the trickiest parts of embroidery is knowing exactly which combination of materials, stabilizer and needles you’ll need for all of the different fabric possibilities you’re going to be embroidering with on your machine. 

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of 50 of the most popular fabrics and how to embroider them for the best possible results for your projects. Click here to download our most popular guide absolutely FREE!

Click here to download the guide

Another coveted download is The Ultimate Thread Break Troubleshooting Guide that helps embroiderers determine what type of thread break they’re experiencing and breaks down the steps to troubleshoot the issue like a pro and learn how to prevent them from happening in the future. Plus, you’ll receive a bonus video on “How to adjust thread tension for better quality embroidery,” where you’ll learn thread tension tips from the pros to ensure that your machine produces the best quality embroidery no matter the project!

Click here to download the guide

Last but not least, make sure to download The 7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Embroidering Caps guide. We found that most cap embroidery issues are usually caused by user-error and are easily correctable. That’s why we created a guide to seven mistakes you can avoid when embroidering caps and corrections and advice on what to do instead.

Plus, with this guide, you’ll receive our bonus master class video on 3D Puff embroidery tips from the pros!

Click here to download the guide

6. Facebook groups

Sometimes you need answers right away and who better to ask than your peers who have been there and probably experienced many of the things you have questions about?

If you want to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and embroidery enthusiasts like yourself, Ricoma offers Facebook groups that allow you to network, connect and learn from others in your field wherever and whenever.  

If you’re not already a Ricoma customer, we encourage you to join Embroidery and Custom Apparel Mastery, a group of over 17,000 custom apparel decorators asking questions, posting their creations and providing feedback to others. Meanwhile, if you want direct access to Ricoma content and the opportunity to connect with Ricoma employees to ask questions and learn about our machines, you can speak directly with the page admin, our trusty social media specialist.

Click here to join Embroidery & Custom Apparel Mastery today

If you’re already a Ricoma customer, then you are probably a Ricoma Connect member, an exclusive group where customers have access to technical support resources and first-hand access to all things Ricoma, including weekly customer-only Facebook lives led by our trainers.

Already a customer? Click here to join.

7. Explore our blog

Sure, this blog is pretty jam-packed with information, but have you checked out our other articles? If you think this blog was helpful, check out our top blog articles below on literally everything you need to know about embroidery.

Getting started with embroidery

Choosing a machine

Business Tips

Resource-packed blogs

Like this blog you’re reading now, we have tons of blogs that will help you learn more about the embroidery business and craft, embroidery trends, ideas for inspiration and plenty of lists of our favorite accessories, materials, wholesalers and so much more!

Want to start reading right away? We recommend reading our 5 relevant embroidery ideas for 2020 blog for inspiration for current, popular items you can work on and start selling right now!

Click here to read

8. Chroma trainings

If you didn’t already know, not only do we manufacture our own machines, we also own our own digitizing software, Chroma, which comes in 3 tiers depending on your needs.

Since Chroma comes free with every Ricoma embroidery machine, we want to make sure that our customers or other Chroma users are able to learn as much about the software as possible! That’s why we offer Chroma training videos on YouTube and the ability for our customers to sign up for free Chroma trainings each week with our certified digitizing specialist. And if you’re already part of our Ricoma Connect Facebook group, we host weekly trainings for all of our customers in there as well.

Are you interested in learning digitizing and are looking for affordable software to start your journey? Click here to check out more information on Chroma digitizing software that is natively compatible with both Mac and PC and when you’re ready, you can purchase it right here.

9. DecoSummit

And if all of these resources weren’t enough, we’re concluding our list with the most valuable resource of them all… DecoSummit. 

The epicenter of custom apparel education, this summit is a yearly event that will take place this year in October in Miami, Florida and will include classes and seminars led by industry leaders on embroidery, digitizing, screen printing, sewing, heat transfer and even sublimation. Not to mention plenty of business workshops and classes tailored to beginners, intermediate and advanced embroiders and business owners. 

With 40+ seminars and training sessions, DecoSummit is where decorators come together to learn what’s new, what’s hot and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in their industry.

Tickets for DecoSummit 2020 are available now and you can learn more about our event and ticket admissions by clicking right here!

What’s next?

We guarantee that with our 9 resources above that you’ll be able to master embroidery and become an expert in no time. But if you’re still not convinced and/or craving more information, subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly emails with brand-new content and resources like the ones above every week.

And if you’re interested in starting or growing your existing business, then simply contact us here for our latest promotions or speak to an expert on how to finance your machine, or see our machines running live right of your home with a virtual demo.

The #1 Factor in Determining Profitability: How to price for maximum profit in the embroidery business

Are you an entrepreneur, fashion lover, or embroidery enthusiast interested in starting or growing a profitable embroidery business? Do you want to be successful?

To guarantee maximum profit in your embroidery business, we’ve put together a webinar discussing the #1 factor in determining profitability. You will learn everything from achieving optimal profit margins for your products to common myths that are costing you money.

Click here to sign up for this FREE course!

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