3 Ways to Find Clients for Your Embroidery Business Part 2 | Embroidery Insider Podcast

Previously on the Embroidery Insider Podcast, we answered a question that constantly sparks a lot of interest from the embroidery community…

“How do I find clients?!”

In part one of this podcast, we revealed three ways to acquire new clients, including networking and leveraging the contacts you already have.

In part two, we’ll dive deeper into how you can find long-lasting clients for your embroidery business. 

So read on, watch the video or follow along with the audio version below.

#1: List your services online

One of the most popular ways to gain new clients is to leverage websites like Etsy and Artfire, which allow you to easily list your services without the need for a website.

With the popularity of social media sites and online search engines, listing your products online is by far one of the most convenient and efficient ways to find new clients and build meaningful virtual relationships with customers.

As you may know, Etsy is a search engine. Therefore, with the correct tagging, you can make your way to the very top of the searches within these sites.

Garmeo is another great resource for finding clients online. Garmeo works very similarly to Uber, where custom orders are routed directly to the embroiderer and he or she is able to accept or deny the order based on availability.

If you’re a passionate embroiderer looking to focus on the craft and generate income, you can easily apply to become an embroidery vendor on Garmeo today!

This is an excellent way to get business without the time and marketing expense.

For more ways to market your business, click here to access a webinar that reveals three proven techniques for gaining clients in the embroidery business.

#2: Attend trade shows and craft shows

Craft shows are where artists and makers display and sell their handmade goods. Whether it be at farmers markets, food and art festivals, county fairs or church bazaars, there’s a place for embroidered goods at all kinds of craft shows.

If you don’t have a storefront, you can attend a few craft fairs in your local community in order to build your client base and gain recognition within your community.

Here are some quick tips for selling embroidery at craft shows:

  1. Secure deals at craft shows by offering discounts to your booth attendees. 
  2. Prepare freebies to hand out and get people to remember you.

If you’re interested in gaining some more insightful tips on selling embroidery at craft shows, including the type of items to bring with you, click here to learn seven craft show tips for embroiderers.

On the other hand…

Trade show booth costs are much higher, but if you go as an attendee, it’s usually either free or very inexpensive to attend.

There, you can meet other like-minded embroiderers or apparel decorators that may be in need of your services.

For more ways to market your business, click here to access a webinar that reveals three proven techniques for gaining clients in the embroidery business.

#3: Take advantage of social media!

One of the best places for embroiderers to network is through Facebook support groups like our very own, Embroidery and Printing Business Help

Don’t underestimate the impact of online networking.

With thousands of passionate apparel decorators constantly helping each other out, the group is a great way to pick up orders that other embroiderers need to outsource. 

As far as content to create, finding success on social media is all about good imagery, sharing value and consistency. 

Therefore, make sure you’re posting useful content for your customers and flattering images of your work on a regular basis to build an easy-to-access online portfolio. 

Pro tip: Offering a giveaway encourages people to follow you while spreading the word about your business to others. However, make sure the item you give away is related to your product. That way, you gain followers who are interested in your product and not just anyone who wants to win something general, like a $50 VISA gift card.

For more ways to market your business, click here to access a webinar that reveals three proven techniques for gaining clients in the embroidery business.

Bottom Line

Throughout both podcasts, we outlined a total of six easy ways to promote your business and gain loyal customers who will help boost the longevity of your business.

If you haven’t started putting these ideas into practice, it’s time you take advantage of the resources available to you in this industry! Be sure to watch our embroidery YouTube videos, join embroidery Facebook support groups and ask questions whenever possible!

But wait! Before you go…

Ask us anything or tell us how you have found clients for your embroidery business in the comments below. 

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