[CASE STUDY] The secret to running a successful embroidery business revealed

If you’re in the embroidery business, your goal is to make the highest profit at the lowest possible cost to your business. To do that, you’ll need to have the 5 embroidery business must-haves below:

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. High quality
  3. Wide variety
  4. Pricing knowledge
  5. Durable machinery

These 5 must-haves should sound familiar to you. Remember the article, “5 Embroidery Business Must-Haves: The Secret to Running a Successful Embroidery Business”?

In that article, we broke down the five points above and gave you some great resources to apply to your own business to help you with things like efficiency, quality, variety and pricing knowledge.

Now that you’re aware of the secrets to running a successful embroidery business, it’s time that we reveal the real “secret” that’s going to make it easier than ever for embroidery businesses everywhere to do their jobs more efficiently and more cost effective than ever before.

We’d like to introduce the multi-head embroidery machine that’s disrupting the embroidery industry, the CHT2.

Coined “your next business partner,” the CHT2 is the first ever multi-head with comparable quality to the big name players in the industry… for half the price.

The CHT2 is truly a remarkable combination of quality and affordability, but how does it stack up to the 5 embroidery business must haves? 

In this article, we’ll break down what makes the CHT2 special and explain how all its features fit perfectly into the 5 embroidery business must haves.


#1: Efficiency

Most efficiency problems arise when embroiderers don’t have the right machinery or enough background knowledge of the craft.

However, even with knowledge and in-house commercial equipment, you can still find yourself running into efficiency killers and interruptions that cost you time and money.

Ricoma’s multi-head CHT2, was built to combat efficiency killers like dreaded thread breaks that slow down even the most skilled embroiderers.

Here’s how:

When it comes to thread break issues, most machine manufacturers will advise you to run your machine at slower speeds to lessen the possibility of thread breaks. However, the CHT2’s technology challenges the industry norm.

The CHT2 is built with higher precision in the X and Y drives. This is what works to reduce thread breaks even at high embroidery speeds.

That means that you can complete orders faster than before, leaving you more time for other orders.



You’ll also need an adequate number of heads that reflects your current and expected output – or else you’ll be spending double the time and money on labor when you could be cutting the cost of labor drastically. Click here to see if upgrading to a multi-head is the right move for your business needs.

This multi-head embroidery machine produces four to 12 times more output than a single-head embroidery machine can. With more heads and thread break reduction, you’ll have increased efficiency that will be the difference between getting the job done with time to spare and getting the job done late.

For instance:

An order of 200 shirts will take days on a single-head. With a multi-head, you can complete the order in hours.

If each shirt takes a total of 10 minutes, you’re looking at an average of 36 shirts per hour on a six-head embroidery machine. When you account for a few hours of downtime, you’ll have a 200-shirt order complete in one workday.

At a reasonably priced $12 to $15 a shirt, that’s $2,400 to $3,000 in sales in ONE day. Plus, you can charge a premium for priority orders or faster turnarounds.

That’s why embroiderer’s everywhere are investing in multi-head machinery. Click here to learn more about Ricoma’s latest multi-head sale.

When you do the math, it’s easy to see how these machines can pay for themselves quickly.

Click here to watch embroiderers’ react to the new CHT2 multi-head embroidery machine


#2: High quality

In order to succeed in the business and keep customers coming back, you need to have the ability to create high-quality embroidery. In the 5 embroidery business must-haves blog, we emphasized how background knowledge of the craft was imperative to achieving better quality.

For instance, the right combination of stabilizer, design and fabric will help stitches stand out better and can even prevent registration issues.

However, extensive knowledge can’t make up for good quality machinery. There’s no magic stabilizer or prepping technique that can make your designs stand out if your machine isn’t built to ensure high quality with every stitch.

The CHT2 has been engineered to provide the highest quality embroidery – even on small and intricate designs. This is possible through the machine’s wide and sturdy timing belts, which physically stabilize the machine. This produces crisp, clean results at high speeds because the machine shakes less when it runs.



With this technology, you won’t have to run your machine at half of its maximum speed to get small lettering to show up well. Instead, you can have both efficiency and quality when you run even the most precise designs at high speeds.

Additional stability also helps reduce noise. When machine test-drivers came in, they joked about the CHT2 six-head being quieter than their single-head.

Click here to watch embroiderers’ react to the new CHT2 multi-head embroidery machine.


#3: Wide variety

Every business owner also knows the importance of the one-stop shopping principle. Besides the fact that having a wide variety of offerings differentiates you from the competition, upselling and cross-selling is one of the easiest and best ways to bring in additional revenue from the same customer.

Thankfully, the CHT2 has a wide embroidery area that allows you to embroider on an extensive variety of items, it also includes cap attachments and hoops for each head at absolutely no additional cost.

That allows you to offer embroidery on caps, which are extremely profitable and popular, at no extra cost.


Offering a wide variety of services isn’t limited to the actual blank you’re embroidering on, but also how or where you’re embroidering on the items. For instance, embroidery on the back and side of caps can increase your revenue.

Perhaps the most valuable technique embroiderers are using in their business is 3D puff embroidery on caps. This utilizes specialty foam that gives a raised look to your embroidery. You can charge a premium for 3D puff because it’s an additional service and, more importantly, not a lot of embroiderers are doing it.

The CHT2 not only facilitates puff embroidery, but also combats the challenges embroiderers face with caps that turn them off from caps in the first place.

For example:

Generally, the best quality embroidery is achieved through proper stabilization and support.

Now, the universal needle plate is positioned higher up to minimize the space between the needle plate and cap driver. This helps grant more support on even the toughest structured hats, allowing you to run caps at high speeds without frequent flagging and needle breaks.

Reducing common cap embroidery issues will also save you time and money because you’ll be able to swift through cap orders instead of running them at lower speeds.



Click here to watch embroiderers’ react to the new CHT2 multi-head embroidery machine


#4: Pricing knowledge

Every business owner knows the recipe for success is to generate the highest profit at the lowest possible cost.

That’s why it’s important to find machinery that can cut the cost of labor. With the CHT2, production time is dramatically reduced – thus decreasing the cost of labor. Logically, the larger the machine you purchase, the more you can produce per day. Click here to see how much you can earn per day with different-sized multi-heads.

In addition to its high-quality performance and efficiency features, the CHT2 equips you with the best quality work at the fastest possible pace. But while quality and efficiency are necessary to achieve profitability, there’s one huge expense embroidery businesses overlook: equipment costs.

In fact, a lot of embroiderers are drastically overpaying for equipment for the same results.

For example:

Robert Crisp of Spectra Marketing was throwing away money on outsourcing (17k to be exact) until he realized that he could bring it all in-house for much less.

He decided to purchase durable equipment that he knew would quickly pay for itself. After comparing the price of a Ricoma multi-head to competitors like Tajima or Barudan, the choice was clear.

Our multi-heads are priced at a rate that helps startups and custom apparel businesses get a fair shot at expanding. Click here to learn how you can 4x to 12x your production capacity with a multi-head.

 You might be asking yourself, “How can Ricoma afford to do that”!?

It’s simple:

  • Unlike other name-brand companies, we’re the manufacturers, so we control the production of the machines and have full control over the price.
  • Because we’re the factory, we continuously work on improving our technology to stack up to the best in the industry. That’s why we’re able to add so many great features while keeping the price low.
  • Lastly, we believe in embroiderers like you and think that you deserve excellent equipment and shouldn’t be turned away because of cost.

Click here to get your multi-head for as low as $318/month with 0% financing today


#5: Durable machinery

You can have all the pricing knowledge, variety, and efficiency in the world, but if your machine isn’t built to last, it’ll cost you more in the long-run.

For example:

The CHT2’s new reinforced square guide rails allow for higher impact resistance, making the CHT2 our toughest and most durable model yet.

The machine’s body was also built with a longer lifetime in mind. Its slim chassis is designed for easy entry through standard-sized doors, so you can operate from anywhere without any issues. That way, not only will you have a longer-lasting machine that will generate revenue well after it’s paid off, you’ll also have the comfort of knowing the machine will get through standard doors should you need to change locations in the future.

In the 5 embroidery business must-haves blog, we learned that elevated X and Y drives provide easier access during maintenance. The CHT2’s X and Y drives are now elevated, making the machine less susceptible to the buildup of dust and debris in the drive systems. This increases machine lifetime while also reducing the time spent on maintenance – so you can keep your machine up and running without delaying orders.

Click here to watch embroiderers’ react to the new CHT2 multi-head embroidery machine

Bottom Line

  • Features in the CHT2 like higher precision in the X and Y drives help reduce needle and thread breaks and increase efficiency.
  • Stabilization is the key to achieving embroidery quality and minimizing issues. Wide and sturdy timing belts physically stabilize the machine to produce high-quality embroidery even when running detailed designs at high speeds.
  • The CHT2 allows you to offer a wide variety of items with included cap attachments at no additional cost. This facilitates cap embroidery with an enhanced needle plate that grants more support on structured caps.
  • Embroiderers are overpaying for equipment by up to two to three times the amount they should be paying. With Ricoma, you can save two to three times on equipment that gives you the same quality and end result.
  • You need the right equipment in your business to achieve quality, efficiency and variety. Opt for a machine that will withstand the test of time with durability features such as reinforced square guide rails that help protect the machine and elevated X and Y drives that make the machine less susceptible to the buildup of debris over time.

With these enhanced features, embroiderers will be equipped to achieve the ultimate goal of every business: producing the highest possible profit at the lowest possible cost. So whether you’re ready to invest in your business now or in the future, we hope that you’re well equipped with the knowledge you’ll need when making your decision.

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